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Fort McMurray Sports Mouth Guards

Your Fort McMurray Choice for Sport Mouth Guards

At Eagle Ridge Dental Clinic, our goal is always to ensure that our patients have proper protection for their teeth at all times, regardless of the circumstances. That is why we are pleased to offer custom Sports Mouth Guards.

What is a Sports Mouth Guard and why do I need one?

A custom Sports Mouth Guard is meant to protect your teeth while engaging in hands-on sports like hockey, soccer, and football. We recommend that anyone who participates in any athletic activity protect their teeth with a custom sports mouth guard.

Since approximately 39% of all dental injuries are sustained while playing sports, and 75% of sports-related dental injuries affect at least one of the most visible teeth, a sports mouth guard is a useful and important preventative device. The most common sports-related injuries include knocked out teeth, broken teeth, an injured tongue or cheek, or a broken jaw

What are the Benefits of a properly fitted Sports Mouth Guard?

While over-the-counter mouth guards are popular, they may not always fit properly and therefore won’t work as well to absorb the shock of impact and protect the teeth and soft tissue inside your mouth against potential chips, cracks, fractures the way a custom sports mouth guard can. Since custom sports guards are based on a detailed mould of your mouth, they fit over your bite perfectly and help protect your bite while engaged in sports activities. The material used is light thermoplastic material, so it will not restrict breathing in any way, nor will it limit talking at all. Most importantly, it is comfortable, highly effective, and extremely safe.