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About Us | Fort McMurray General Dentist | Eagle Ridge Dental

Eagle Ridge Dental is committed to your oral health and wellness, and we are pleased to offer a wide range of dental services to fit all of your oral health needs, in a comfortable, friendly, and inviting atmosphere. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to develop individualized short-term and long-term oral health goals to suit your personal needs, ensuring you have a positive dental experience at every visit.

The Eagle Ridge Dental team is focused on providing preventative dental treatment to all our patients while offering comprehensive evaluations and planning when oral disease is present. Our ultimate goal is to form a partnership with you to assist you in achieving optimal dental health throughout your lifetime.

You can trust that Eagle Ridge Dental. will provide you and your entire family with the top-notch dental care you need to keep your smile healthy and cavity-free. At Eagle Ridge Dental in Fort McMurray, AB, we want to see you smile now and for a lifetime!

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